Smart Lens

Smart lenses are lenses used in cataract treatment, designed to enable the eye to see both far and near better. These lenses, which are placed surgically, have become a source of hope for people suffering from cataracts. It is among the most preferred treatment methods because it gives very good results.

Why is a Smart Lens Necessary?
Every person is born with a natural lens inside their eye. This lens is both transparent and flexible. While our eyes look both near and far, they focus on the distance viewed thanks to the flexibility of the lens in our eyes. In this way, we have the chance to see both far and near clearly.

However, as we get older, the lens in our eyes first loses its flexibility and then cannot change shape and focus when looking at close-up. As age progresses, the lens loses its transparent structure and cataracts form.

This problem, which begins especially in the 40s, is among the factors that negatively affect a person’s daily life. However, with developing treatment methods, this is no longer a problem. Smart lenses replaced with deformed natural lenses provide extremely positive results. For this reason, every year thousands of people prevent vision problems by wearing smart lenses. Smart lens treatment, which is the first treatment method especially for cataracts, is becoming popular day by day.

Who Can Apply to Smart Lenses?
Smart lenses are lenses that can be applied to all cataract patients if there is no contrary condition. Smart lenses can be applied not only to people suffering from cataracts, but also to people with different problems. Smart lens treatment is also applied to people with severe hyperopia and those for whom laser treatment is not possible due to severe myopia.

Smart lenses can also be used in people who have previously received laser treatment. People who experience deformation of their intraocular lenses and therefore a decrease in vision can be treated with smart lens therapy.

When applying smart lenses, the entire situation of the person is also taken into consideration. Education level, job, social activities, age, etc. Things are also among the important criteria. Because in the light of this information, smart lens treatment will be applied to the patient. Surgeries performed in line with this information are more likely to be successful.

How is Smart Lenses Treatment Performed?
Smart lens treatment, that is, smart lens placement, is an important surgical procedure that must be performed very meticulously. This procedure, which is completely a cataract surgery, uses the same treatment method as in a normal cataract treatment.

In smart lens treatment, the natural lens in the person’s eye is removed and replaced with a lens that is suitable for the eye structure. This artificial lens will greatly increase a person’s vision ability. The most important feature of smart lenses is that they have a feature that shows not only the distance but also both near and far.

What are the Advantages of Smart Lens?
• Due to their structure, smart lenses show both distance and near. Therefore, it provides great convenience to the patient.
• Patients with smart lenses never have their eye numbers progress again. For this reason, it is among the most preferred treatment methods.
• Cataracts will not form again in the eyes of the patient who receives smart lens treatment.
• Smart lenses do not have a usage period. For this reason, smart lenses can be used until the end of a person’s life.
• The duration of smart lens surgery is approximately 10 minutes. Therefore, a long and laborious surgical procedure is not required. This is among the factors that provide relief to the patient.