About Us

Our institution started its activities as Göztepe Cardiology Center in 2004 to provide early diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases. In January 2013, it incorporated the Sinerji Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center, which has been operating for 15 years, and was named Medipoint Medical Center with the participation of additional branches.

Medipoint Medical Center includes cardiology, physical therapy-rehabilitation, endoscopy, internal medicine, chest diseases, ear, nose and throat diseases, ophthalmology, pediatrics, psychology, psychiatry, neurology, gynecology, medical aesthetics, laboratory services, EMG, ozone therapy unit. It contains many important medical units.

Coronary Angiography with Computed Tomography

You can have Coronary Angiography with Computed Tomography in 5 minutes, without worrying about vascular occlusion or being hospitalized.

If there is heart disease in your family, you can have your heart vessels checked with coronary angiography; You can take early precautions.

Low Radiation Bone Density Measurement - QCT

Hip fractures due to osteoporosis are more common in post-menopausal women.

In our center, ‘Bone Density Measurement’ (QCT) is performed with our Low Radiation Tomography device, which gives more accurate results than the classical method.

Schroth Method in Scoliosis Treatment

The therapy approach is used for every individual diagnosed with scoliosis or posture disorder, especially in adolescence and adults.

It can help in all stages of scoliosis treatment, including pre- and post-operative.

Our Vision

It aims to be one of the most preferred healthcare institutions in the sector with its boutique service approach, perfectionist attitude, determination in the satisfaction and happiness of patients and their relatives, high-level technological and contemporary facilities, different and pioneering practices, and expert staff devoted to their profession.

Our Mission

As Medipoint Medical Center, our mission is to improve the quality of life of the society with our service approach, while contributing to the development of the health sector, to support academic studies and the development of new information, technology and applications in all health-related subjects, to integrate, to provide qualified services, which are the most important link in the diagnosis and treatment process. To provide high quality health services to patients from all segments of society with our physicians and trained health personnel.

The specific procedures, diagnosis and treatment methods we apply in our center...

Low Radiation Bone Density Measurement - QCT
Coronary Angiography with Computed Tomography
Hair Transplantation
HPV Vaccine
Neurotechnology in Stroke Treatment

Quality Policy

Medipoint Medical Center determines the environmental impacts while carrying out all its health activities and takes the necessary steps to minimize the negative impacts, if any. In addition to using energy and resources effectively, it ensures that medical wastes are kept under control and their environmental impacts are minimized with the most appropriate techniques. It carries out the necessary announcements, training and awareness activities and takes the necessary precautions to ensure that environmental, occupational health and safety awareness is maintained by all employees.