Dermatology – Dermatology

Diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair and nail diseases

Diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of moles (nevus)

Cosmetic dermatology applications (botox, filler, mesotherapy, hair and skin treatments with PRP (platelet rich plasma), chemical peeling procedures, dermaroller)

Laser applications (Laser treatment of skin vascular formations, that is, superficial varicose veins, scar treatment (post-operative scars), skin rejuvenation, spot treatment)

Diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers (patient information, sun protection methods and treatments)

Scar treatments (acne scar, skin cracks-striae)

Cautery and cryotherapy applications

Dermatological surgery applications (ingrown toenail, mole and cyst removal)

In the diagnosis of allergic skin diseases, allergy testing applications, diagnosis and treatment are performed.