Internal Medicine (Internal Diseases)

It provides services for diseases such as diabetes, thyroid diseases, hypertension and rheumatism, which are common in the society and require long-term treatment and regular follow-up. In addition to providing guidance in acute-onset diseases as well as chronic diseases, drug use reports and prescriptions are prepared in accordance with contracted institutions. The internal medicine department conducts examinations on the internal organ systems of individuals beyond childhood. It provides diagnosis and treatment services regarding the dysfunctions of the organs of this system.

In addition, it raises awareness and guides each individual to whom it provides health care about the precautions to be taken to protect themselves from diseases. The problems of the majority of patients applying to health institutions fall within the scope of internal medicine. It covers a very wide scale, such as upper and lower respiratory tract diseases, hypertension, gastrointestinal system, kidney, thyroid, diabetes and rheumatic diseases.