Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

It applies special treatment programs to improve the disability conditions that are congenital or occur in some part of life for any reason, significantly affect the quality of life or disconnect the person from social life.

Traction (waist-neck pulling) treatment
In cases of lumbar and neck herniations and lumbar cervical calcifications, it opens the space between the vertebrae and allows the herniated disc to retract.

ultrasound therapy
It is a treatment performed with high frequency sound waves for waist-cervical hernias, arthritis-rheumatic conditions, muscle pains and other joint disorders. It warms deep tissues.

Short Wave Therapy
It is a treatment method performed with electromagnetic waves for arthritis-rheumatic conditions, waist and neck hernias, muscle pains and other soft tissue and joint disorders. It has warming and edema relieving effects.

paraffin treatment
It is used in hand arthrosis-rheumatism and other hand and wrist area disorders.

Infrared (Radiation Therapy)
It is a treatment performed with infrared light and is frequently used for rheumatic disorders, lumbar and neck hernias, and muscle disorders.

Pneumatic compression therapy
It is an intermittent pressure therapy used to reduce edema in the arms and legs in cases of varicose veins, venous insufficiency and lymphedema.

EMG Biofeedback
It is a highly sophisticated treatment method used for strengthening weak muscles, exercising paralyzed patients, patient education, and muscle relaxation.

Laser Treatment
It is a treatment performed using laser beams for tendon disorders and soft tissue rheumatism.

Iontophoresis-sweating treatment
It is used in the treatment of excessive sweating-hyperhidrosis in the hands and feet.

Vacuum Interference Therapy
It is widely used in pain management, rheumatic diseases, lumbar and neck hernias, and muscle disorders. In this method, a healing effect is achieved by increasing blood circulation in the diseased area by applying both vacuum and special current.

Electrical Stimulation
It is used in the treatment of facial paralysis to prevent muscle wasting and accelerate healing by stimulating the paralyzed facial muscles.

TENS Treatment
It is the most frequently applied method performed with electric current in all situations requiring pain treatment. It is an extremely effective and reliable treatment.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation
These are treatments that use electric currents to help patients regain their weak muscles.

CPM Treatment
Treatment with passive motion device, rehabilitation of anterior cruciate ligament and knee prosthesis operations;

EEG Based Neurorehabilitation
Incontinence Treatment
Scoliosis Treatment
Lymphedema Treatment
Clinical Pilates and Pregnancy Exercises
Obesity Rehabilitation
Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Musculoskeletal System Ultrasonography
Medical Ozone Therapy
Dry Needling
Special Injections
Pain Management
PRP Treatment