The team of clinical psychologists and psychiatrists conducts psychological evaluation and psychotherapy for patients receiving medical treatment in our hospitals, people presenting with psychological problems, and the public.

Depression; A state of grief, pessimism, reluctance and inability to enjoy life that commonly surrounds the person.

Anxiety Disorders; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic Attack, Social Phobia, Phobias (height, airplane, cat/dog, insect, elevator, closed place, etc.), which can be seen with excessive meticulousness, cleaning and checking obsessions. During presentations, speeches and interviews, in front of the stage, in crowded crowds Performance anxiety in etc. environments.

Sexual Dysfunctions; Vaginismus, which does not allow sexual intercourse, sexual pain, sexual desire, sexual arousal, problems in the orgasm stages, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, etc.

Life problems; Stress, excessive meticulousness, Shyness, Marriage Problems, Family problems, Relationship Problems (Separation, fear of loss, abandonment, conflict, etc.), Exam anxiety (ÖSS, ÜDS, midterms and finals, etc.), Child-raising attitudes.

Psychological traumas; Stress disorder that develops in sudden and unexpected situations such as accidents, attacks, natural disasters.

Eating disorder; Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, which means resistance to eating and excessive effort to lose weight, and bulimia nervosa, which involves binge eating and purging, as well as weight control and obesity problems, are approached with the cooperation of a dietitian.

Health Psychology; We know that getting support for living with and coping with chronic diseases such as diabetes, thyroid and cancer positively affects the course of the disease. Patients and their relatives can participate in individual and group therapies.